21 August, 2005



If ever there was a show as inspirational as this, HELP ME HERE! Seriously, I must be missing out on one amazing show, as for me this is the pinnacle of entertainment. Okok, only where NON-interactive entertainment is concerned (donot get me started on defending computer gaming as the most intelligent form of entertainment!).

Strangely enough it was my kins who spoke so much about this program that I just had to look into it and dude, it blew me away! One of the most amazing and probably the most facinating thing to watch was how all went about living together, competing together, backstabbing each other and yet in such a sophisticated manner that it did not look crude or downright disgusting filth like that Big Brother of a show. Unlike Big Brother, here you only have smart people with IQ of atleast 50. ATLEAST!

Come to think about it, perhaps even more of a facinating sight was how everyone dealth with their problems. Here you have 16 people trying to live with eachother, smile with eachother, make strategic aliances with one another and all the while, keep track of each and everyone's mistakes and weaknesses, all of this in a civilized manner (ok, on some occasions it did take a slight turn towards Big Brother but nothing as ugly).

For me, this is the ultimate defense for edutainment. There is so much to take in, I hope to watch this 2-3 times atleast and make notes. Kudos to NBC for making something special.

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