25 September, 2005

Do we inherit what we become in play?

I seriously hope not. Im a big fan of games and I'd not like myself to be categorized under that term, however irrational it may be. But certain experiences are forcing me to think that way & the worst thing is that thats the same thinking my father has ever had about us gamers. Let me present my argument...

These days I am quite a bit into this multiplayer game called Guild Wars. A fine game it is but its biggest strength is in teamplay & thats where humans come into play (I so envy my grandchildren who will have robots to play with!)One of the most popular area in the game is the 'Random Arena' where humans teamup randomly. And its this area where you get to see so many of these 'humans' trying to go back to their roots of being chimpanzees. Imagine this scenario, a warrior & a monk on both sides, warrior being very powerful in melee and pretty rubbish at anything else and the monk being quite the opposite (good at healing team but attack strength almost non existent). Common sense would tell you that it will be much easier to go kill the monk first and then deal with the warrior as the party healer would be dead. And this is where these warrior people go 'dada'. Almost 90% of them have to go for the other warrior, dont ask me my, when I did question one dude, he said it was personal!!!

All I have to say to that is: Wait a sec you brain dead piece of scum, can you not see that (a) this is a TEAM game, (b) it will be 100 times easier to kill the warrior (& may I point out, this warrior is someone you will not remember after this fight) after killing the monk which the rest of the team is trying to do!!!

Alas, it all falls on deaf ears. People say, its just a game, but like any sports we all meet there to compete, sure, you win some and lose some but comeon, when you are losing because a warrior in your team is going solo, you really want to grab him by the throat and shout some sense into the scumbag. And thats why some people actually prefer not to have warrior in their team!

And yet, all of this makes me wonder, is this the reason, Im still stuck in my Acca. Could I be the very definition of this warrior who I talk of... God, I hope not!!!

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