04 October, 2005

Bless you, me & everyone around :D

Ramadan is here!!!

I am feeling kinda crazy at the moment. Today is going to be our very first fast & I have to get up at 4:15am but I am not tired, just a bit hyper. No reason really, just one of those moments when you are happy for no reason. (

Got my PSP as well and the verdict is… (quiet please, spotlight on me please!) YES!!! This one is just right!!! No more calling Sony (which has been incredibly patient with me) & arranging for yet another replacement!

I cannot describe it, there is something definitely in the air, it almost feels like I am on a high, maybe this is what it feels like to Aamir bhai! ;) It is almost like nothing can hurt me right now & everything is at peace. Maybe this is the end of my line & I have one last moment to savor on this mortal planet.  I have just texted ramadan greetings to two of the nicest guys here in UK (Muhammad & Rizwan).

I am talking rubbish and have to pray before bedtime so I am signing off.

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