18 October, 2005

Very creative by creative...

I got myself a Creative Zen mp3 player back in 2003 & Ive loved it and taken very good care of it for the past 2 years and now for no reason I can come up with, its dying on me! Being paranoid as I am, I think its got more to do with the way todays eletronic items are made than anything else. I mean, if the item I buy today and it lasts me a lifetime, how the heck is the company going to please its shareholders next fiscal year?

The thing that is so pissing me off is the fact that I’m certain I have not dropped the mp3 EVER! Its ALWAYS been inside its big ugly casing for protections sake and yet now its dying on me!

Its not just Creative, look at Ipods. If the scratches do not kill it by the time 2 years are up, it will surely be a drop or one of many other ‘incident’ bound to happen to justify it dying on you like that.

As much as I liked my Zen mp3 player, my new one is not going to be a creative mp3 player. Not only have they disappointed me with Zen’s fragility but their new range of mp3 players are truly ugly! I never found Ipod very nice to look at and that was the reason I went with Zen rather than Ipod and I still do not find Ipod Nano very desirable. Two of the companies I like quite a bit are iRiver & Cowon. I really really like Cowon’s iAudio x5. Pure gorgeous design. But one thing is for sure, my new player better last me more than 2 years or someone is going to get hurt!

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