07 August, 2008

Islamic Fashion


Most who know me know that I love shopping. As wrong as it as (& such a short-term measure), it truly does work. Who does'nt like getting gifts...

As mentioned a few posts back, my mum and I went to the Islam Expo held at Olympia Centre in High Street Kensington. One of the more inspiring things I got to see was young entrepreneurs advertising their business. Some of the more memorable ones were 'All things Olives' and this online retailer by the name of 'Shukr' who cater to the Islamic fashion lifestyle.

I have to say, they had a very nice and simple stall at the exhibition & that probably made me look them up as soon as I was back home. Over the next few days, I kept deliberating over whether to buy from their site or not, the prices are hardly cheap & even with the sale on, I was not convinced that the clothes would be worth that much.

Then one day, I did decide to place an order. My sister loves denim & has always wanted a denim jeans/skirt/trousers which were loose enough to be worn by muslims, so that really made me take the plunge. Order arrived within 3 days & as I was at work, I had to walk to the post office depot to collect the parcel on Saturday morning. The box sure was heavy for what I had purchased: an overcoat/top, two denim skirts & a scarf.

When I went through the items, I have to admit, I was immediately overjoyed. The quality of items leave 'Marks & Spencer' in the dust (lets not even go near 'Next' etc). The stitching, the cloth, the style, all impressed. The skirt pictured above is one of the denim ones I bought for my sister, pretty eh?!

Anyways, Masha'Allah its good to see a business done right, they have an easy to browse website (it is a bit slow), wonderful styles & most importantly, items that more than meet the expectation. And that is something that makes it all worth the price in the end.

I intend to do another post in a few days on the many websites I have discovered on Islamic fashion. Stay tuned & do share any sites you have discovered.


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