09 September, 2008

My Current 5 Favourite blogs:

This is something that intrigues me a lot: Finding out what others read. So, its only natural & courteous that if I am asking the question, I should be the first one to answer:


1 - LifeHacker

Without a doubt my favourite blog at the moment. Lifehacker is about tips & downloads of small free software for getting things done on your PC. Actually sometimes they do go into seemingly other random tips and tricks... but mainly its software focused site. They cater to all operating systems (except Linux I think) & from the rate of updates, one would image they have a full time staff working for the blog.

The best thing about them is that they have an active following & these readers share their experiences in the comments section, which really helps & gives a wider feedback about the various topics discussed. Not many 'professional' sites can boast of that!

If you are into Windows/OSX and want to find out little ways to be more efficient, all the while learning and having fun, this should be one of the top most sites in your list.



2 - ZenHabits

What a wonderful personal development blog & for once a well deserved winner of '2007 Best Overall Bog' award. Very simple and even simpler blog design which actually works in its favour. To me, this blog is for when I am about to pull my sleeves up and ready to get down to business with full attention.

Over the months I have been reading this, I have bookmarked many of their individual articles, I have even printed out a few and shared them with my work colleagues, friends and family. The beauty of ZenHabits is that unlike other Tech blogs etc, the articles published here never get old, as they do not cover the latest tech, gizmos or trends but it's about the slow and gradual development of human being, or more like slow and gradual development & understanding of our sub-conscience. And that is why, you can go on and on back through the previous posts.



3 - Kotaku

As you might have noticed from this blog, I love computer games and have a passion for interactive entertainment (i.e. video games) industry. The competitiveness, the cut-throat tactics & blood & Gore (only in games), what is there not to like!

Kotaku is perhaps the first blog of its kind that covers even the smallest of stories about the industry, some even bordering on nonsensical but if you want to keep abreast of video gaming industry, you will need no other site for news. Reviews are another matter as Kotaku does not review games per say. It acts as a great site for video games news across the globe, be it UK, US & East Asia.

Do check it out here:



4 - GottabeMobile

Yes, another of those tech blogs. This one is focused towards one of my passions, Tablet PCs. Gottabemobile (no points for guessing the origins of this blog) is an American blog on mobile tablet computer hardware. Because of this specialised nature, it tends to cover the whole spectrum of tablet computing, from hardware to software, and the forum is so well known out in the tablet industry that developers usually come over to post topics of discussion & get user feedbacks, quite an achievement for a simple, admittedly very plain blog.

If there is one issue I have with this site, it has to be the aesthetics... the site design is so 1999... but hey, it is the content that matter the most.



5 - ThinkSimpleNow

This is one of those random blogs I stumbled upon and while its not updated as regularly as the other ones, when it is updated, it is usually some delicious dough.

One of its high profile post actually made it to the top of 'The Digg' & is something I still go to every now and then to refresh in my mind.

Its author actually posted a very fascinating entry on 'How I quit my day job', it was at Amazon too! A wonderful read and if it was updated a bit more regularly, I might have placed this higher in the list!


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Rob Bushway said...

Hey, thanks for listing us as one of your favorite blogs! We are honored to be among such great company.

I agree, our design is very plain :-)

Rob Bushway