20 September, 2008

Ramadan in pictures

Boston.com Masha'Allah, Boston.com have a wonderful compilation of Ramadan across many Muslim nations through photographs. Its a wonderful glimpse of how many different cultures and regions act in unison to celebrate this most joyous month.

Just a little bit disappointing that it is not possible to get these on Cooliris (a Firefox addon for photo display), it would have been awesome to see these photos with amazing presentation software like Cooliris.

It is amazing how little things like these go so far in educating people, as one person wrote in the comments section: "Wow, its almost my first time viewing a happy Islam pictures, most of the time I see only "Bad" Islam in pictures and newspapers (I am a Jew, that live in Israel)".

Just click on the boston.com logo above or use the link below:



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