20 October, 2008

Why I just do not understand Netbooks...

Reading all the Tech news websites, they all seem to be chirping about the newest trend. So, what is this latest hot must have gadget?41jMnEbk4OL._SS400_

Without thinking twice, they would answer 'Netbooks', small portable devices, which are not heavy to carry and are also light on your wallet! That does sound very interesting right?

It certainly did for me, until I read the detail. So here is my list of issues I have with Netbooks:

1- Screen Size:

Different netbooks have different display sizes, coming in anything from 7" to 10" models. I personally think, anything smaller than 10" is going to be a problem if you intend you use your netbook often. Reason being, most of the sites online are nowadays catering to min. display resolutions of 1024 * 768 & unless you are content with scrolling left right up & down, it will soon be a cause of headache. And, any bigger resolution than 1024*600 for a model up to 10" would make you squint your eyes...

2- Processing Power:

At the moment, all these netbooks are using Intel's Atom CPU which are not meant to be powerful at all, hence the name 'Netbook'. Apart from surfing the web, & I wonder how smoothly it will run if you come across java & flash intensive sites, you can use a basic productivity package that already come with the linux package & read pdf files & play a few basic games. And that is it!

No freedom of choice & from what I have read, it is not exactly easy to install new software for the linux version either.

I love my games and not being able to play them (certainly not from the past 5 years I imagine) is pretty much a deciding factor for me.

3- Price:

The netbooks start from £170 & that is after heavy discounts & there lies my single biggest gripe with this whole idea of netbooks. For what you are able to do, these netbooks are awefully expensive. Infact, if you look around & keep an eye on ebay, you can certainly score a centrino laptop with far more power for around £200. Sure, these laptops will not be as portable as the netbooks but that is a price I am willing to pay to have far more functionality.

So there you go, my thoughts on the latest trend that is the netbooks. I do like the small factor and if I could find one for little under £120, I would get one too. But... as they are, I find them more of a toy for the geeks and gizmo lovers & ofcourse those who can afford them.

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