10 November, 2008

Mirror's Edge

DSC00037iThis is one of the most amazing and original games I have seen apart from 'Little Big Planet', but then, that game is in a category of its own! Oh and by the way, 'Little Big Planet' was released a week or so ago and has already earned some of the highest scores out there. Now, I really want a PS3!

Anyways, back to Mirror's Edge. A few days back, when I got off at Waterloo station, I saw this huge iMAX cinema covered with Mirror's Edge advert. It is very cool. And frankly, how can anyone not take a fancy to 'Faith', that is the name of the lead character you play.

Do check the following trailer out to see just how wonderful the art, music and sense of speed, motion and human interaction this game achieves!

And here is the story trailer to this game.

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