09 December, 2008

Argh! Its stuck in my head... version2 (!)

Now there is another song thats stuck in my head and no matter what, I cannot seem to be able to get out of there... its dangerously infectious and ridiculously cool too!

First, allow me to introduce the song and be aware that this song is girly cute but in a nice way :)


The song on the right is a tribute made by a guy for Mario Kart game from Nintendo. Sure, there must be so many tributes out there but this one has something to it, its not just the catchy tune but the lyrics too that together make this an extremely likable video.

Like many people no doubt, after getting totally addicted to the video, I had to check out his other works and what immediately occured to me was the 'views' of the other videos compared to this one.

Lets have a look at the stats for this video. I am writing this blog post at 10:17pm on 7th Dec. '08. As of right now, this video has had 1,196,288 views and the video was uploaded on 10th Nov. 2008, thats less than a month back! That makes it around 44,307 views a day; almost 31 views a minute!

What really intrigued me was what the effect of this extremely popular video (its called Mario Kart Love Song) on his other videos. Bear in mind that the video he posted prior to the above was just a week back and upto now, it has had only 50,000 views! How is that for comparison!

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