21 December, 2008

hElP! I... must... have... this...

My latest most wanted item is the Sony ebook reader PRS 700.

On paper, it appears like a gadget with some very basic specifications. However, in this case, it truly is the whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

First I heard about the ebook readers a few years back. The idea itself is based on some pretty old technology invented by Xerox. The story goes something like this… Xerox invented this display technology back in 1980s and after various display prototypes decided that the technology itself was quite redundant. After all, although the technology was very power efficient, the display was only in black and white & its biggest strength was in static images.

Fast-forward to 2000s and someone realised this technology was really suited to ebook (electronic books) and that brought us Sony’s LibriĆ© which I think was the first proper ebook reader released to the public.

Over the past year, ebook readers have started to get the attention they deserve. Perhaps, it was Amazon’s Kindle in US that gave it a huge push into the public eye but its good to see this wonderful technology is not going the way of the TabletPCs :). On the left hand side is the Sony PRS 700 that is the one I am so excited about, it is meant to have good pdf format support too which is an enormous plus for me.

Oh and I forgot to mention, the wonderful geniuses behind Foxit pdf reader are going to be releasing an ebook reader next year in 2009. It is meant to be a cheap (& cheerful) & basic reader without the fancy bits like bluetooth & wireless functionality, two things I could not care less about & they only add to the cost of the units. As the PRS 700 is not even available in UK or EU at the moment and even if it was, it would be way out of my financial strength to afford one (though I may be tempted to rob a bank to get one!), I may as well get excited about the Foxit reader whenever that makes it to EU.

Btw, if you have not tried Foxit pdf reader, I cannot recommend it highly enough. First of all, uninstall that awful Adobe pdf reader and go here and install away!


On to other things, below is ridiculously addictive rock song I just had to share! :p

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