11 February, 2009

Few things to share…

It is not often that I get to view stuff that freaks me out. Usually I just steer clear of gory/ torture videos but I yesterday while browsing Digg, I came across the following video. And that left me totally speechless. Do watch, while there is no blood and gore (Alhumdulillah) but the tension of gun sound is unlike anything I have come across recently.

What amazes me the most is that these people are standing their ground against an aggressor who knows he holds all the cards. It is these UN Observer's bravery that will stay with me forever. So much to learn from such a small clip.


On another point, here is a snapshot of a 17 year old Bill Clinton meeting John F. Kennedy. I have always admired Clinton for his oratory skills if not for his Israeli support. Click on the picture to see Encarta’s extract on Bill Clinton in his younger years.Bill Clinton & JF Kennedy

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