19 March, 2009

Search Engines, Yahoo & Google.

Search Engines. The highways to exotic information destinations. The bumpier the highway, more effort the car has to make & later the destination one gets to while smoother and broader the road, lesser the time it takes to get to your peace.

Many years back when all of a sudden Google became all the rage, I too tested it out and liked the journey, its massive highways accommodated all of my journeys. That was that and since then, I never looked or searched for another Search Engine, why look for another route when you are perfectly content with your current journey time and traffic etc? (Well, one answer is because we all are in search of perfection and Google is hardly perfect, but I wont, that’s besides the point…)

Anyways, Google became Google, that is, massive, selfish, shareholder’s interests driven organisation and like many people out there, I thought it is time to look at the alternatives. Yahoo, an organisation older than Google came to mind and I decided to try it out. The idea being that I will use Yahoo primarily (as much as possible) for my searches and only if Yahoo fails to provide the relevant info, will I go back to Google.

Well, this experiment has been running for well over half a year and I am almost ready to call it an end. The number of times I have had to go back to Google to get the results I wanted is ridiculous. I have lost count of the number of times. Whats even worse is that in spite of having spent half a year, I still did not get comfortable with Yahoo’s font and results layout, Google knows psychology, Yahoo does not.

And frankly, it all makes sense. I mean, Google is Google because it does what it offers well. Gmail is the best email service out there, even Outlook pales in comparison, though I have a special place got Yahoo Mail in my heart. I love Yahoo Mail and its ease of use and functionality. Please do not even get me started on Hotmail… what a sorry state it is in.

So, unfortunately for me, its back to Google as my default search engine. I am hold on to Yahoo on my laptop and try to keep using it but I wonder to myself, for how long?

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