10 June, 2009

My next Mp3 player…

Well, not mine but my sisters, minor details. The point is that the newly announced PSP Go looks supercool. I love the design, I love the storage space, I love the everything (okok, thats not a feature per say but may as well be) about this machine.


I am playing ‘god of War’ on my PSP, a first gen model, which is as old-school as you get with portable gaming systems nowadays (if you agree with that sentiment, wait till you see our mp3 players collection, you would call them ancient!). Anyways, I think this will make for a killer mp3 player, games machine, portable internet browser, GPS etc.

The only problem and thats a big problem in many people’s view is the price, Sony is asking for the same price that they charged us about three years back or so. Not cool, Sony! We should have learnt SOMETHING from the PS3!

Actually, the fact that made me write this blog post was that the newly announced ‘terrible as always’ iPhone is meant to have graphics superior to PSP and everyones getting excited about that. I just cant help but feel for these people who are going to fork out another ridiculous (even by Sony standards!) amount to get the upgraded iPhone, IF they can, as most of them probably have a while left in this current two year mobile phone contract… poor lot! But I degress yet again, the point is that all these news publications were screaming about the PSPGo not having a second analogue stick and now we have iPhone which doesnt have ANY controls (ok, technically thats not correct but near enough). I mean, atleast Microsoft with their Natal have something to get excited about, this one only has finger touching… good luck to the buyer of this phone is all I can say.

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