03 January, 2010

A New Year... optimism & pessimism


I am still coming to terms with the sad fact that the year 2009 is over. Its really amazing how quickly life twirls us by. Yes I am (hopefully) one year wiser but I also have one less year to practice my newly acquired craft. But then again, as long as I practice this craft well, I should not have any need for more years than my allotted surely!

Philosophical musing aside, I really have some amazing stuff to share. For starter, I highly recommend checking out this small, concise and fascinating hypothesis on the structure of Universe. What I would love to add to this, this coming from a man who subscribes to a religion, is to follow after the image. Click on the image to read on…


Now add to the above, what if at the very centre of this whole enormous frame is God and everything is revolving around him. I just find it so fascinating and awe-inspiring. Considering its just an addition to an hypothesis, it should not be taken much seriously but why should I care as long as it works for me and me alone!

Moving on, in my on-going quest to start my little effort, I recently got the wonderful news that a dear colleague at my one of my last work places (the now defunct Miva) has started his own venture. Considering I always thought of him as my (unofficial) mentor, it was really inspiring and exciting news and one that pumps me up to go it alone even more! Unfortunately, I cannot share the new venture website as its not live (or appears to be live) as yet.

And finally, for another bout of inspiring stories, I highly recommend the following Reader’s Digest article of people who faced adverse conditions and made a stand for themselves and their aspirations and went for it. Notable, at No. 3 is a guy who kindly replied to my excited email. Well done Sergio. Definitely give it a read.

090103second-acts-03 Reader’s Digest: Recession Success Stories

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