19 January, 2011

Wi-Tribe is a pathetic ISP... be warned

If I really wanted to sink low, I would love to add a few expletives to the title.

I have been trying to upload one Youtube video (45MB) and the connection doesnt hold up.

First of all, Im paying almost the same rate for 1MB connection here in Pakistan that I would pay for a 24+MB connection in London. Here Wi-Tribe (my ISP) is offering only 12GB for monthly allowance, in London I had unlimited connection. Here, Wi-Tribe caps the torrent and download speed to 24kb. How pathetic!

First of all, the 12GB allowance and then they cap the speed as well, people, this is what you get for living in a third world country with a pathetic leadership and even more pathetic service providers.

You guessed right, Im quite annoyed and really wanted to air my view on how unfair the customer treatment is over here: basically non-existent.

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