28 September, 2005

Korean Movies

For well over 2 year now, Ive been a huge fan of asian cinema. It all started with what I still consider to be the most amazing asian movie, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. I never thought highly of Hong Kong cinema which as per my perception was led by people who worshipped all things western and for a while they managed to please audiences with their mash of E.Asian & western cultures but audiences soon realised that this weak formula does'nt have much depth. End result being that Hong Kong cinema which would release hundreds of movies a year in its prime is now releasing 20 movies a year! And so I went in expecting this chinese movie to be similar to Hong Kong movies. How wrong was I...

Lately, however, its the koreans who have been coming up with the most original stuff. By far! Whoever has seen the odd concoctions that are MY SASSY GIRL & 3 IRONS knows what I speak of. And thats ignoring the horror genre.

So I come to BITTERSWEET LIFE which I watched tonight. First thought that comes to mind is that these koreans donot mind so much gore. At certain moments in the movie, I could'nt watch some of the gruesome scenes! Mind you, even this is tame to that nightmare (for me!) OLD BOY. In the end, it was a 'watchable' movie but certainly no classic. I doubt I'll remember this movie in a years time.

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