27 September, 2005

Prenuptial Agreements

Today, in Taxation class (which itself was boring as hell) our teach told us something really interesting. Prenuptial agreements are not enforcable by law here in UK! Most interesting, I have to say.

Doing a bit of read over the internet, it seems, courts in UK are not obliged to follow the prenup between the couple as under law women are given a lot of protection. However, now courts are willing to accept them (even then, certain restrictions may apply!). This website has a rather interesting cartoon (no.2 being my fav) on prenup.

Across the pond, where 'nearly' half the marriages end in divorce, prenups are more common. However, only '5-10% Americans get prenuptial agreements' (this is by 2002 estimates). Considering the whole idea of marriage is trust, one has to wonder what exatly is the definition these Americans use for marriages.


Anonymous said...
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Alex W said...

Sadly, many Americans and people in general, follow the Hollywood-esque version of love. Once hard times hit, or things stop being "like a movie," people want to give up.