08 July, 2007

New thinking...

Ok, so I promised the last time to start anew but got bogged down again. Even more disgraceful is the fact that I did not even write one single post... NOT ONE!

Annnyways, here is another attempt. No promises but I seriously WANT to have my very own blog. Here are the main reasons:

- Blogs are kind of like diaries. I use to have one and wrote for a good few years, while I told myself never to read it until I grow old or give it to my children so they can read it and reflect what life was like when there parents were young! This remind of a question I asked my mum when I was 13-14 yrs old. She was telling us some story from her teenage years and I interrupted and said: "You mean you guys had electricity when you were young?". That made everyone laugh...

- Blogs are a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends, family and collegues. While the new methods like Facebook, Meebo & LinkedIn etc are the newer ways of keeping in touch with these people, I still think Blog are very valid and sensible way of maintaining contact...

- Blogs are an entertaining way of finding people who have been there and done that... etc. Case in point, I was looking at Home DIY blogs and came across this english lady's blog on shoe rack and I fell in love with the idea. As I am looking for a property myself, I have bookmarked her blog for future reference :D

- Blogs are a good way to keep in the loop as to whats going on with your friends etc. This way, my friends/others will know what I am upto and that should make us more comfortable when we meet as we know what other has been upto and focus more on getting the details rather than the introduction

There are many more uses but these the main ones I focus on. Cheerio and oh, I do want to write about our house search so will be back this afternoon Insha'Allah.

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