14 July, 2007


Ok, first thing first, I donot believe in coincidences. Being a muslim, I believe everything happens for a reason. Old fashion? yes but to me, it certainly makes more sense than 'some random occurances' as they define it.

Check this wonderful article for some very facinating coincidences. Below is mine :)

This is a few years back when Clive Barker's Undying came out on PC. I personally love horror stories (Silent Hill 2 is the best game in this genre for me). Having heard and read so much about this game in the various gaming mags I use to subscribe to, I bought it as soon as the game came out. I started playing the game and as I was working as well, it took me a month to get to the end. One weekend I was playing for a while and I came to the final end gameboss fight. And thats when my PC crashed. It turned out that my hard drive had crashed and I had lost everything.

Fastforward to approx. one year ahead and now I have a new PC and one weekend I was bored and decided to go back to Undying and finally finish the game. Again, it took me a few weeks to get to the end and this time I was at the final level when again my PC crashed. This time, it turns out my graphics card and hard drive both had died!

That was then and this is now, I have never gone back to this game. I probably will as its such an amazing game but I am very nervous about re-installing this game... :(

So there you go, not the most amazing but strange.

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