01 September, 2007

Introduction to Programming

I have always wanted to learn to program, could never exactly pin-point the main reason behind it, maybe its the fact the as a programmer you have so much freedom to design and create your own 'application method', or maybe its the envy of playing and admiring all these games created by people who were clever & creative enough to let others play in their imaginary game world or maybe it was one of the many other excuses I could think of...

So I have been meaning to learn vba for a while and its coming to almost six months and only now am I starting to get comfortable with vba. The scary thing is that vba is meant to be very simple and easy to use compared to the more advanced languages like C++ & assembly. And even vba is so expansive and there is scope for so much that can be done and no doubt Im just starting to scratch the surface of this application!

But Im really looking forward to it. The satisfaction of figuring out how to solve your problems is very high and who knows where this knowledge can lead me. Reminds me of this incident that happened last weekend while I was in Newbury to spend time with mum & brother and I was trying to solve this vlookup problem in vba for a few hours. After my patience had run out, I logged onto Excel Forum & made a cry for help. Got a few replies from some kind souls but no one could figure out what the problem was and to everyone the code looked fine, as it did to me...

Eventually, around 2:30am, someone came online & pointed out that one of declared variables had incorrect spelling and there I was sitting stunned for a second. This was quickly followed by a laugh and a chuckle and I was totally excited that finally I can carry on with the rest of the macro. I went to bed around 5am in the morning. :D

On to other things, we were hoping to go and see Pirates of the Carribean 3 in the cinema and only to find out that its not showing anymore! Darn it! Just last week, I sat down and watched the first two parts in one go :( Ho'well, its meant to be coming out on dvd in Nov.

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