01 March, 2008

Getting back to studying...

So, it is that time of the year when you have to fork out big sums to ACCA again. The thing is that institutions like BPP & FTC (in UK) charge astronomical charges and get away with it. I mean, think about this. I am sitting three papers this June and I have already paid £1,400 for one standard weekend course (thats three full days), three full four days courses. So in total, thats fifteen classes for £1,400. Considering thats a few months savings gone in an instant really does hurt. I guess, it should give some motivation to pass. I mean, even though I am sick of studing ACCA and as much a motivation as that should be to pass, now I have the financial aspect as well.

Recently, it came to my attention that ACCA have introduced another qualification after completing ACCA, MBA. I mean, why would I want to do MBA AFTER completing my ACCA. Why not just go with MBA after qualifying with a degree if I really want to get an MBA qualification. One certainly gets the impression that ACCA themself think that MBA is superior to ACCA.

I just think I donot have the strength to go on to MBA after completing my ACCA.

Oh, well, what do I know. I may end up going for it once I have completed ACCA. Best just leave these decisions to when the time actually comes :D

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Rashoon said...

Keep at it Kayote!

These organisations are all rip-off merchants I feel (my own experience)... but you will benefit yourself by having that ACCA under your belt.

Chin up Professor.