31 March, 2008

Some random thoughts on random photos I took

Ok, so there really is not much of a story here. I bought my Canon Ixus 750 two years or so ago and I love it. Its an absolutely amazing camera. Sure, its a bit bulky now but oh man, are the photos nice, ok so it may have something to do with the skillful hands behind the camera as well but hey, I'm a modest man, so I will not say much about it here :D

So, now I got a Sony Erikkson K800i mobile which has a 3MP camera, lets get one thing right, the camera on this thing is no match, no match at all for the Canon Ixus 750 but then nor is it meant to be. It serves its purpose of a handy/useful camera on my phone.

Here are three snapshots I took over the past few weeks that are interesting to me:

So they may not have found the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but we have them on display here is London... well it wasnt much of a secret anyways, was it?

So, I was at Edgeware Road and I saw this elderly gentleman, honestly, he could not be less than 80-85 years old and here he was in an internet cafe and browsing the internet. What a true fighter! Most impressive!

Here is how FT portrays the fundamentalists... ladies who have their head covered, and not properly covered at that.

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