26 December, 2008


Hurrah for less spam! I have an email account with all three major email services, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. Actually, come to think about it, I even had two email accounts with Lycos, anyone still remember them?

Anyways, I mostly use Gmail and Yahoo Mail services now. I cannot stand Hotmail as they truly have the worst interface of all the services out there in my opinion. Hotmail have acknowledged this and made a press release a few days back about withdrawing the top ad banner position in the near future, another hurrah for that! But, I feel its a bit late for me, while I will hold on to my hotmail account, I use it only for the sake of historic (redundant?) connections.

On the other hand Gmail and Yahoo Mail are just so much more useful accounts. I hardly get around 10 spam emails a day and even they are confined to the spam section. Yahoo Mail suffers a lot more. Until a few days back, I use to get around 100 emails just in my spam folder! All a sudden, my Yahoo spam counts fell to 3 emails a day! I looked this up and it turns out that a spam ISP called McColo was knocked offline by the authorities. Yeay!

You really have to wonder what people like these spammer are like. They get the education (and we are not just talking about high school, they go on to learn to program and devise new ingenious ways of designing spam) and yet at their basic core, they are the most worthless creatures on Earth. Oh well, lets not go there further.

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