01 January, 2009

A Happy 2009!

I still cannot believe it is 2009 already. What do we have to show for 2008?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict carried on as ever, Kashmir issue stayed where it has been for 50 years, more and more Chechens silently died without anyone paying attention, Somalies carried their fights to a greater level. Afghanistan, Iraq & Sudan stayed where they had been since the wars started… i.e. in pure ignorance.



So, pretty much nothing changed.

And what about my life? It was the same personal affair, going to work, studying, playing PC games, messing with my PC & laptops and that’s about it. No change there either.

But wait… come to think about it, we came one step closer to Israelis realising all their weapons cannot get them the peace they crave, while Palestinians hopefully realising that the way the things are, they cannot negotiate or gain anything. Kashmir had less bloodshed than past few years, same for Chechens who gained a bit of respite with Russia focused more towards Ukraine & Georgia. Somalies achieved nothing but hopefully wisdom, while Afghanistan & Iraq had fewer casualties which can be nothing but good news, even if not good enough a news.

On the personal side, I realised that the world does not carry on revolving around me and I took some (however small) steps to personal development, I finally made it to Wales and loved it and its people. I was much better than last few years in keeping touch with my friends and colleagues and most importantly I am alive to reflect, repent and make active efforts to correct my wrongs and make peace with everyone.

So, lets do this one more time, how was 2008? Not bad, not bad at all, like everything it could/should have been better than what it was but thats all the more incentive for me to make 2009 into what 2008 should/could have been.

The saying goes: Its not over till the fat lady sings… well, this fat lady is not near singing anytime soon if I have any say in the matter.

So here is to 2009, which is going to be better Insha’Allah, but only if we want it to be. Right?

New Year by ~nuaHs on deviantART

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