08 January, 2009

Review and re-review

I have been thinking of my last post quite a bit over the past few days and whenever I read it, I have to re-read it and then re-read it yet again. I must have read that post more than ten times at least I think.

I must admit, it does come across as a bit fake with all that talk of how I hope Israelis and Palestinians would think and realise the folly of their current actions. All the actions over the past few days seem to confirm that they are both none the wiser. If anything, the latest news is that there are rockets being fired from the Lebanon side as well.

I would like to remain positive. That there will be a stop to this bloodshed even if Israel has to be forced to withdraw from Gaza by the rest of the world. There was this very deep comment someone posted to one of the articles on Siege in Gaza which went to the effect that Israel is perpetrating the same crimes Jews suffered. How easy it is to forget the past when we get things our way. The very basics of human nature…

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