10 January, 2009

Am I the only one not getting into Fallout 3?

I almost feel bad writing about this considering just how many people & publications have declared this game their game of the year 2008.

Yet I just cannot get into it. The problem I have is that Fallout 3 is far too open, uneventful (at least up to now) & even the graphics and sound have not done anything for me so far. I am out of the vault and it is just one endless plain… 

More updates later. Maybe I just need to get my head down and focus on the world and immerse my senses but I just cannot help but feel how much fun and cooler ‘Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones’ (the other game I am playing) is compared to this. Sure they are completely different genres and the sense of gratification that comes from ‘Prince of Persia’ is almost instantaneous whereas with Fallout 3… I am still waiting for that feeling to come by… am I lost?

I almost feel like giving up on this but at the same time having spent this much time & money, cannot let myself drop it just yet…

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