20 January, 2009

My tribute to Half Life 2

half-life-2-wallpaper As with most things in my life, I finally got to experience all that Half Life 2 has to offer late end of last year.

I actually did not like Half Life (the first one) very much when I played it back in 2002, see, I did say I am usually late to the party. Probably because by then most games were using the techniques that Half Life pioneered back in 1998 but the story failed to captivate me as well. I just never go into the whole ‘Black Mesa’ and the event surrounding it.

So obviously I was not very excited to play Half Life 2 and sure enough, the first part was fairly slow and almost monotonous. However, as soon as the game along with its story picked up the pace, I began to really understand the universe and the sense of urgency surrounding it.

What really got me excited was the end quarter of the game… when all hell breaks loose. And that was nothing compared to what was in store in episode 1 & episode 2. They were truly exciting and really made me love what Valve has created, how intricately and purposefully they put it all together and made it such a success.

After finishing episode 2, I decided to make my first music video. A tribute to Half Life 2. However after a few days of trying to record every cut scene and playing the game again, I got bored and just lost interest. Last week, I decided to get back and finish it off, so here is my effort… hope you like iiiiit!

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