26 January, 2009

Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves OST

RobinHoodPrinceOfThievesOST2 This is the soundtrack I am listening to at the moment. Am loving it. Michael Kamen has done a superb composition with this one. Certainly not as well known as the likes of Thomas Newman, John Howard or John Williams but if this score is anything to go by, I hope to check out his other works as well.

Most of his other composition are not as well known as perhaps this one but I very much enjoyed the soundtrack to X-Men and can highly recommend it. Cutthroat Island is another soundtrack which got a lot of attention but I have not had a chance to listen to it yet… certainly am excited now.

Anyways, if you have, you probably know why I love this soundtrack, if you have not had a chance, do give it a listen, its very epic, charming and bombastic, that is to say, full of action and adventure, just the way we like it, eh?

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