26 January, 2009


Nectar-Unhappy copyI have had it with these guys.

Nectar.com is a website similar to ‘Quidco’, ‘Rpoint’ among many others. I became their member a few years back when I was a regular Sainsbury customer. As with many others, when Sainsbury lost its focus towards customers, I too chose other retailers as my choice for grocery shopping.

Then one fine day, I thought I may as well make use of this service and use it on all the online services I visit (I love online shopping as appose to high streets). This was sometime in the middle of last year.

Initially it was all well and good and all the points came through on my purchases with Sainsbury and other online sites. Last December, pretty much like every tom, dick and harry, I went shopping mad, even though I did not have a secure job in the first place! All those sales and then the nectar points on top was just too tempting for my willpower to control. ‘Amazon’, ‘MandM Direct’, ‘HMV’ etc off I went to.

Now fast forward to a week back from now and I decided to check my balance on Nectar and lo and behold, it had not bulge one bit from the balance that stood as at the end of Nov. ‘08. I gave it a week more and still nothing. So today I decided to call them up. Using the online chat feature was useless as it told me I had to call the customer service for help. Oh and its a 09 number (premium rate calls). Great. nectar.com sucks

I had to find out so I did call. It took a whole 15min and in the end, all they had to say was that they had no clicks history to verify my purchases for most of my shopping. To say I was annoyed would be right. So there you have it, I have had it with these guys, I am no longer going to use Nectar. Its hello to ‘Quidco’ :D

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