29 January, 2009

Project Onslaught 2.2 – Closed

So here is the deal, I really really like ‘Desktop Tower Defense’. If you have never heard about, then either you cannot stand the word(s) ‘Games’ or ‘Enjoyment’ or ‘having fun’ etc. To me, ‘Desktop Tower Defense’ is an amazing example of what limited resources, tools & ambiguity of set audience can be overcome with creativity and a brilliant idea executed well.

Anyways, having finished ‘Desktop Tower Defense’ on both medium and hard difficulty, I randomly came across some bloke’s suggestion to give a similar game called ‘Onslaught 2’ a try. And so I did…

And boy, is this game hard. And long, and action packed. While I very much enjoyed every game that I played, I found it to be flawed in a number of ways, things that ‘Desktop Tower Defense’ did not have to worry about. Things like, weapon configuration, maps etc just added to feature list of ‘Onslaught’ while not adding much to the overall gameplay.

Anyways, analysis and thought some other time maybe, right now I just want to discuss that I beat the ‘easy’ setting on this game and I sure as heck am not going to go back to this game anytime soon. No sir!

Below are screenshots of me dying on stage 453 (!!!) after killing 4,350 aliens. Thats a lot of aliens for one lifetime.

Onslaught2 capture2edit Onslaught2 capture1edit

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