15 January, 2009

Random Thoughts…

The job market is incredibly slow at the moment so any chances of securing a permanent position are very little. When the consultants are advising to stick with whatever you can get, you know things are not good.

But as always, there are always opportunities out there and I feel I really have to make a move, a move into the unknown, unchartered waters… so to speak. It is almost like I am being pushed in this direction, from my last few years it really does not make sense otherwise… more on my ideas in the months to come. All I have at the moment are ideas, lots of ideas but without the seeds there would not be any fruit, would there?!

On to merrier things…

I finally completed ‘Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones’… all I can say is that, it was an experience. Seriously, an experience. I loved the original ‘Prince of Persia’ back in the 1990s and the new ‘Prince of Persia’ games in the 2000s have more than lived up to the name. About two days back, I somehow managed to read somewhere that the ending of ‘The Two Thrones’ is quite sad & some gamers even reported that they lost control of themselves and could not help but shed a tear or two (!?!)… So, I was quite anxious to find out if the prince manages to win Farah over. After all, this is the finale and the story wraps up here.

Let me not ruin it for you but do take heart that the ending is just the way it should have been. A fitting end to an amazing series.

I just quickly (ok that is a lie) whipped up a collage of the notable Prince of Persia games, hope you like it.

One more note, recently I was working with this wonderful small retail company and I had decided from the onset that I will be quite proactive with colleagues. One of my pet peeves is when people cannot/ do not say ‘Good Morning' or ‘See you tomorrow’ etc etc. So naturally, I had to practice this and even if some did not or would not bother to reciprocate, I kept a happy face and an active mind. At the end of my contract, I felt it was only right to thank them out loud for the opportunity to have worked with them. I wrote a long email, addressing pretty much everyone I could think of, which must have been atleast 12 or more people and sent it to the entire company. Over the weekend, when I went back to check my mail, I realised I had forgotten to sign with my own name! Considering my email address was ‘Accounts.temp’ at the place, I was all the more disappointed. Oh well, that ought to be a lesson for the future…

To counter the above, one very sweet gesture the HR Manager (one of the people I addressed in the email) did was she decided to walk with me to the Holborn station & when we were about to part ways, she said: “Remember, it is all about the personality”.

Is that not sweet? Sure, I do know that it is all about your personality. She did not disclose some unknown fact nor did I learn anything new but that is not the point. The point is that she felt bound to disclose what she thought was a very helpful advice and that made it all the more helpful and sweet. This picture above is a perfect example of how one can totally steal the show with their smile and charms, hence the share. :)

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