20 July, 2009


I love all things mysterious and one of my favourite topics is the paranormal. I love all things ghosts, spirits and the supernatural.

Speaking of which, if you ever get the chance, do watch ‘A Haunting’, a documentary series which tell the stories of various families (in US) who have experienced paranormal. Its fascinating and while I am convinced there is an element of exaggeration in there but for the most part, its exciting and gives a chilling account of what the family ‘apparently’ went through.

Paranormal-MostHaunted For a more accurate (and realistic) paranormal show, which while does not have the same scares but is all the more realistic because of them, definitely check out ‘The Most Haunted’. This LivingTV show has been going on for well over ten years and is alive for a reason; its well known and well loved.

As I do not have a TV, whenever I go over to my brother’s place, I have to stay up late to watch this. Its exciting and almost always leads me to stay awake as I am too scared to go to sleep :D

Anyways, the purpose of the blog was to highlight this amazing article over at ‘About’ on some of the most famous paranormal photographs out there. Each photo has a description telling the story behind the photograph. And as to be expected, here are my two all time favourite photographs.


This is just so creepy yet such a beautiful capture of a spirits walking down the stairs. You almost want to hug and console the spirit.


Again, this one is just so sad, a lady sitting there by hereself looking into the unknown. Simply beautiful and heart breaking.

Definitely check out the article here.

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