06 August, 2009

Doing my part… not!

no-ie6-logo This morning, I went to Edgware Road Starbucks to find some quality time for my reading and pondering and there was a guy sitting right next to me who was surfing the internet with IE6 and I just had this ‘so strong that words fail me’ urge to get up and ask him to kindly install Firefox/ Opera and stop using IE6. Bu then at the nick of time, came to my senses that thought better than to pester someone with my political, even if sound, viewpoint.

Its good to see so many websites and people banding together to make an effort to get the IE6 crowd to move on. To me, whats just as interesting is that its come to realisation that the internet community has to make an active effort to get these people to migrate over to the latest browsers & actually let the internet move forward. So much for ‘let them live the way they want to’ philosophy.

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A Afzal K said...

I don't know about ur workplace intranet but my workplace intranet uses IE. There r no other internet browsers installed.