20 September, 2009

Downgrade from 24Mb to 250Kbps connection


I have a Be (my ISP) 24+ Mb connection at home in London and while I am certain I don’t actually get that speed in actual, what I do get is pretty pretty good. My brother’s Sky broadband connection (2Mb I believe) ‘seems’ slow in comparison, to the point that whenever I go over, I reserve heavy streaming to when I get back home.

speedometer.1Now that I am in Lahore (Pakistan), I recently got a 256Kbps connection installed at home for Rs.700/ month (approx. £5.38)from Worldcall for the duration of the stay and boy is that slow. In all honesty, I was expecting, no, more like dreading, this downgrading of internet speed, however I was not counting on such slow a connection. It all seems excruciatingly slow. I am convinced all of this is made even worse by the latency (something not measured by the internet speed) and the connection ratio (how many people are actually sharing the speed).

Anyways, as with my trips to my brothers, I pretty much don’t even bother with things other than email and few odd news via Google Reader. Oh my beloved Google Reader, how I miss you. Rs. 700 when converted to Pound Sterling may not appear much but in Pakistan, its still a lot of money for the locals, which leads me to wonder how am I going to cope if I do decide to shift back to Pakistan...

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