10 November, 2009

Snippets on Electro-Entertainment


I have been meaning to make my posts shorter and more to the point. Instead of going on and on, I have come to accept and respect that Internet is not a medium for long individual passages.

So… here the new format. I will go back every now and again to ponder over some event that has me in its web but for the more general posts, its shorter and more to the point.


up-posterFirst of, my thoughts on ‘Up’, Disney’s Up.

I know I am going against the grain here but seriously world, what the heck! I mean, lets me rewind a bit and explain how excited I was to watch ‘Up’ with my mother and sister. I browsed IMDB, I read the favourable reviews on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, I even watched Yahoo’s interview with Pixar, who claimed it to be there best animation to date. THAT is a huge statement to make and pretty much sealed the deal for me when I read it.


You see, below is my desktop, which should give you an idea of how big a fanboy I am of the movie. Yes, I LOVED ‘Wall-e’ and if you have not watched it as yet, I highly recommend you do so asap, make that sooner than possible. For Pixar to claim that ‘Up’ is better than ‘Wall-e’ blew my expectations away.


BUT… the movie itself was a bit too childish for my liking. I must certainly be growing old as I hardly found it touching, even in places where I would have expected myself to cry. I did not find any of the characters very memorable… save for Russell who was very cute. Now that I think about it, I distinctly remember while watching the movie I was thinking to myself: Why am I not sad?


Call_of_Juarez_-_PC And…, I finally got to play ‘Call of Juarez’. I bought that game well over a year ago when Steam had it on sale for £4.99. Never got around to playing the game until a few days back. While on the whole, it was very enjoyable, I also found it annoyingly structured. Almost as if the experience had not been play-tested.

Anyone who has played the game probably wanted to brutally torture the developers for the annoying ‘eagle egg level’. Sure, make the gamer climb that (seemingly) infinitely tall mountain using game mechanics that just DO NOT work in FPS games!!! I of course refer to running & jumping mechanics. Dear developer, there is a reason why Infinity Ward, ID software, Epic do not make much use of platform mechanics, because they do not work!

Call_of_Juarez_-_PC2small Call_of_Juarez_-_PC3small

Anyways, I have to say the story was quite nice and the soundtrack rocks. I managed to extract the files from the archives and its a lovely piece of composition.



Moving on, I installed the demo for ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ as soon as as it was available. What a disappointment!!! I mean, so far, I am at a loss as to exactly how different is it to the original. The daylight setting steals away all the fear factor, the new weapons are great and the new monsters are great addition but all together, I was left very very disappointed. If you have ‘Left 4 Dead’, go play it, I personally am certain now that I will not be missing out much by not playing the sequel.

left-4-dead-2 left4dead2_cricketbat

Demo was deleted, never to be re-installed.

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