01 March, 2010

Another long delay... but Ive come prepared...

Seriously, Im excited (still) and nervous beyond measure (still).

I finally packed up and decided to leave my lovely room on Southampton Way, London. And I mean not just leave, I mean pack up and leave the city, and not only leave the city, leave the country, and why stop there, leave the continent even!

I am back in Pakistan!

So yeah, something dramatic had to happen, either the world had to shift from orbiting the Sun to Proxima Centauri or I had to make a move. Guess who wasnt bothered whatever I did... yes, unfortunately it wasnt me. As much as I have forever believed that the world cannot will not survive without me for a single day, this time and only this time, I have decided to relent and make way. Who said

Manners are made of petty sacrifices
somebody pass him a cookie already! The world needs more of these wise-cracks.

So anyways, well into my second week here and so far, I am not in a position to complain. Was I ever? Got to spend time with the lovely 'Canada Amma' who as it so happens has also decided to move back soon... how soon is anyone's guess.

Interesting enough, bhai had already setup an internet connection with Wi-Tribe for a 1Mb connection. Apparently unlimited connections are not common place here as Wi-tribe doesnt even offer any such package (?!?). We got a 12GB allowance, which includes download AND upload bandwidth. Somebody please scream “ How 2002!!! ” Admittedly I did come prepared, you see, I had a 24Mb+ (dl) connection with unlimited downloads and uploads, when I was leaving, I knew that I should not expect more than 512Kb connection. And WiFi? That would be the day... I'd happily settle for a cable broadband and a stable connection with fairly sensible latency. But I DID get WiFi and the latency is not bad (412ms for US servers). Obviously internet gaming is out of the question but thats good for me.

So many observations to make and am already behind todays programming quota. So the rest will have to wait for another day.

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