02 March, 2010

Loud thoughts

The last book I purchased while in London was 'The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt'. I really am going through it rather slowly but based on the first 40 pages, its exhilarating. Upto now, I'd love to call it awesome, refreshing, thought-provoking etc etc but then Ive only read the first 40 pages so will hold on to the words for now.

Haidt is reviewing the Ancient Wisdom and Philosophy in light of modern scientific understanding of human nature and the benefits of religion and psychology upon it all. So far (again Ive only read 40 pages) its the study of human psychology and our natural instincts, whether gravitating towards safety & survival or interpretation of various patterns etc.

Anyways, review to follow in a few weeks time.

Coming back to the post from yesterday, I have been monitoring my usage of internet. Yesterday, being the 1st of March and the start of my monthly allowance, I consumed around 439MB, which included a few short skype voice chat sessions, 4-5 YouTube 10min starcraft replays, emails and Google Reader. Today, as of now, I have used up another 300MB (just emails and Google Reader). Based on this full day, though light usage, Im on track to use up almost all of my monthly bandwidth (12GB), not impressed. I would love to know how ind of packages businesses have to pay...

On another note, went with mum to 'Dubatta Gali' in Liberty Lahore. While I knew there would some amazing designs on showcase but boy, was I impressed. The handiwork was simply mindblowing, yes yes, its all done on machines but it still requires dexterity and a sharp eye to keep it all clean, focused and balanced. Have to go there again and hope to take some pictures. Cheers.

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