17 April, 2010

Bamboo A

I have to admit, I must have around seven or eight pair of shoes (trainers, boots, runners etc). I mean after all, if you are going to splash out for that awesome ‘Peter Werth’ jeans, you need a nice shirt and a cool pair of shoes to go with it. Only in America can you wear trainers with everything, and yes it looks awful.

So, as is my nature, I have to hunt for deals. Good deals for awesome shoes (this is also why I was horribly addicted to HOTUKDEALS while in UK).

One day, while browsing Amazon, I came across an awesome deal on an unknown brand called ‘Bamboo A’. The trainers sure looked pretty and as the pair was only for around £15, I just had to check them out. Here is the pair I bought…



On arrival, I was absolutely blown away, seriously, these are some of the trendiest trainers I had seen. Never mind the colour (white) and the odder still stripes! (red), I really liked them. AND, the fact that I dont have any thing with which these trainers would go (I hate white trousers/jeans etc) so at the moment, they are only there for aesthetic pleasure… strange? I know.

So, since that day I have been looking out for their new range and especially love this ankle high trainer below, but there is a time and place for buying them, and its not now (no job!).


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