09 April, 2010

A few hates…

There has been so much noise about this new ‘gadget’ that I have finally decided to write about it on my blog in spite of my better judgement.

Its the iPad!

Seriously, there is so much stuff about it on my favourite blogs that its driving me crazy and I just end up skipping most of the posts. Thank God for Google Reader…

Take Mashable, GottaBeMobile, Cnet etc, they all are brimming with iPad rubbish. Understandably its the latest high profile release at the moment, however, that doesn't mean that its the ONLY bloody electronic device out there. Heck, recently we had to purchase an automatic washing machine, (& I kid you not here) I would gladly read all the reviews i can find on the machines than this useless fan boy pleasing ‘gadget’, and yes, here I use the word ‘gadget’ rather churlishly.

At TechRadar (wonderful site btw), Gary Marshall hits it on the nail with his post about Apple on 3rd April. The company is more evil & chauvinist than any other company (Nintendo comes second!) out there & its scary to read that Apple is the third largest company on US stock market. Don't get me wrong, Microsoft is evil but Apple is…


My Apple hatred may seem a bit over the top but having had my share of exposure to Macbooks and even reverting two pro-Apple (they are not exactly fan boys), I feel justified in my bias. One of the two, my brother, bought a macbook and after arguing with me about how much his macbook is better to my tablet, ended up giving his macbook away and getting a windows laptop! My sister, the second one of the two, was the unfortunate one to receive the macbook and was so happy when she received her Dell V13 Vostro laptop with Windows 7. Not surprisingly she has no plans of moving from WIndows 7 anytime soon.

On to the second topic, I was surprised to read that a new (yet another) Pakistan political party is advertising itself on Google. The new party goes by the name of Mustaqbal Pakistan and its website seems awfully full of fluff without any info seemingly near Facts. I have to send them an email, in the meantime, here is their website:


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